test Campylobacter


(Campylobacter Rapid Test) (Product Code: SC-0463-10). The Campylobacter Rapid Test Cassette (Feces) is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Campylobacter antigen in human feces specimen. Campylobacter Rapid Test Cassette (Feces) is based on the use of a membrane technology with colloidal gold. A nitrocellulose membrane is sensitized with Antibody directed against Campylobacter. The test’s specificity is ensured by an antibody specific to a Campylobacter antigen that is conjugated to the colloidal gold. This conjugate is dried on a membrane. The fecal sample must be diluted into the extraction buffer that is supplied with the test kit. When extracted specimen come into contact with the strip, the conjugate migrates with the sample by passive diffusion and the conjugate and sample material come into contact with the anti-Campylobacter antibody in the T line. If the sample contains the Campylobacter antigen, the conjugate-antigen complex will remain bound to the anti-Campylobacter reagent and a colored line will develop. Solution continues to migrate to encounter a second reagent that binds the migration control conjugate, thereby producing a colored control line that confirms that the test is working properly. The result is visible within 10 minutes.